Okay, im trying to find a BC RICH Virgin (Black) for a good price (im a little low on $$$ right now.)

I found one used for $200, but i dont know what the price of a Brand New Virgin is from the factory.

So, what is the price tag on a New Virgin?

No stupid comments needed about the term "Virgin"
straight from the factory to the dealer they cost around 350. but if youve got a good dealer who sells a lot of bc rich theyll most likeley be 250 - 300. the way it is for most dealers is if they order just one guitar from a factory theyll sell it for exactly how much they paid for it, but if they buy 10 or 20 different guitars from a factory theyll get a discount and then sell it a bit cheaper.

by the way, if you didnt want any stupid comments about the term virgin mabey you should have include the name bc rich in the title. you kinda made a joke about it already
You might want to check out the classifieds or Electric Guitar, but this doesn't belong here.

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