Ok, here is my dilema. Either buy a MIM Strat, or buy a GT-8 for about the same price.
My current guitar is a RG350. I like it, but I would prefer a fixed bridge. My current amp is a Traynor YCV50 ^_^ no effects pedals other than a Boss DS-1 which I recently bought.

Now, I dont' know which one to get, which one do you guys think would be the better choice?

well so most of the MIM strats have a vintage trem bridge that although are not 'fixed' necessarily like a stop tail they are much easier to change strings with and tune the strings and still give you a wammy bar if you want one.

are you looking at the vintage trem that comes with them like i have?

and the GT-8 supposedly is a killer multi pedal but a compromise (no flame) may also be what i have - Digitech RP250.

MIMs are $400 new
RP250 is $150 new

and obviously you can get both Used for cheaper. Don't know your budget - just throwing it out there.

I'm not worried about the price. They are virtually equal (locally) $250 if you must know.
I just dont know which one to take >_>
well - i think only you can answer that.

you either need a lot of effects in one package or a second guitar right? maybe seperate your question into two.

ask about MIM strats or whatever here and then ask about the Boss over in GG&A and then make a decision. just a suggestion.

Depends on their condition I guess. Which one is in better condition?
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