Me and my friend both play guitar and are always tlking about starting a band. But b4 we do that we want to just work on our skills on playing with eachother. First off do think this is a good idea to take our time by ourselves b4 going out and getting other members(ive been playing for about 2.5 years and hes been playing for like almost a year but we r both a lot better that ud think with the amout of time weve been pplaying guitar.) For my second question, do u think we should wrk on out own stuff or more covers(we dont want 2 b a cover band, but just to srtart off)
1. Learn to play properly(keep beat,follow song structure smoothly etc etc.)
2.Try to play covers together and work on your chemistry/technique
3. Write own songs when you have gotten used to play together and it really works.
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My advice:
Get members, I played around 4 years and a friend of mine had some thoughts of becoming a drummer. I really encouraged him and eventually he did it, last summer he begon with lessons. And we encouraged another friend of ours to go play bass in the winter. He also did and we did instrumental covers about two months ago. You also must start with cover so you can get to know eachother and their style better. But how sooner you`ll have a band how better. If you can play something decent with a solo you`re ready to begin. Begin with writing music just with some simple chords and compose as much as you can.