are dimarzio d activators good for brutal metal tones and clean tones? im plannin on using them with my ibanez and peavey 5150
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get emg 81s........best metal PU ever

Username-->Machine head fanboy-->Flynn/Demmel fanboy-->assumes EMGs are the best pickups ever without actually not knowing what the hell he's on about.

TS, the D-Activators are great pickups, I wholeheartedly reccomend them. They should absolutely growl on that 5150.
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he likes these sounds right?

kirk hammet, kerry king, jeff hennaman use emg 81s and the most guitar players form his favorite bands too. the sound is unique and amazing for metal! the d activators

also they perfectly fit to his peavy amp.....
Listen kiddywinkles, I hope you realize that most of those guys' tone is from their amps and from studio production. EMGs play a small part, and I have to say that plenty of metal players don't use EMGs. I'd go even further and say that a lot of guitarists who actually want variety won't even touch them, especially if they want decent clean tone.
Does my post count say troll? No. Excuse me if I think someone called 'Blackening' recommending EMGs isn't trustworthy.

If you actually knew anything, by the way, you'd know that the D-Activators are Dimarzio's attempt at creating a passive pickup with the same frequency curve as 'Actives' (read EMGs) while being less sterile and having a much more organic clean tone. And what does the TS want? Oh yeah, brutal and clean tones. Dimarzios make much more sense than EMGs, say what you want about putting a 60 in the neck.
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troll is the lamest thing you can ever say to anyone. Just because someone is new, or don't have a post count as high as one self, doesn't mean they're more stupid. Just means they haven't used as much time on a god damn internet forum.

And he joined before you...

On topic - I despite EMGs. They sound flat to me. I think passives have way better headroom. If you want high output and passives, just get the EMG afterburner or the MM-04 that Alexi Laiho has (but that one has mid boost).

I've heard the D-Activator, and it sounds pretty nice to my ears.
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