New at guitar.... wat are the odds.... huh? anyway super fun to play, hard to pin down and wat not.... anywhom. So wat i want to ask would it be better to practice actual songs or practice technical exercises? By that i mean scales, chords, and the like just getting fingers used to the motions. When i learned trumpet, i got it down pretty well with those type of technical exercises, just wondering what might be better to do.

Been playing 3 weeks give or take. uhhhhhh, difficult to learn, whole new respect for guitarists once u start actually trying to play. Found movable s blues scales and movable pentatonic. Any other exercises like these would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
cool, yea, i have given up on chords a few times, just got pissed off at them.... lol.
Do chords, I gave up on them and I regret it. I need to learn them.

You can also apply this be learning some songs like AC/DC or something. They use a lot of chords like in Back in Black and You Shook Me All Night Long.

There is a thread here on UG with songs for beginners. I think its called "what song to learn", do a search for it.
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