I am very new to song writing and pretty new to guitar also. I have been playing for about 5 years now and I want to start writing some blues. I have no idea where to start it just seems I write things down that don't really have any emotion. Is there a process that I should try to follow or do most of you just think of lyrics right off the top of your head and put them to the pad. If anyone would like to help get me started that would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I posted this thread in the wrong section feel free to flame away if I did, but still provide your intellect on song writing.
Well, if your writing blues and dont have much emotion in your lyrics....well, its not blues.
Blues is all about emotion.

I usually try to think of a topic that I want the song to be about.
And go from there.
I have emotion its just putting it to paper that makes it hard. I start with a topic and add to it like you said, but it just doesn't seem good. I guess you could just say practice makes perfect.
If u want to express emotion first get obsessed with them . Write about anything that inspires you . Write about monkey on north pole , camel on equator , dog ****ting from twenty third story . Just write what u want to write about . I have already told u on how to get emotion.

In all seriousness read the tips thread