Currently I have TonePort UX1, connected between my PC and a simple AMP of TV (somehow it has a connection to a mic which the guitar can be plugged into it).
The AMP is connected to 1 speaker of home theater.
I use the program GearBox - I get sound, effects and all of the other things that the program offers. Ofcourse I can get softwares like GTR SOLO and use them.

Anyway, I have a band now.
And I started to think about buying an amp, so I can go with it anywhere etc... but it's really annoying thinking I won't have effects like wahwah...

My friend told me he's using a simple but good mixer connected to a laptop PC. He can record, have effects everything.

my questions are:
1. If I will buy an AMP and connect it to my PC using the toneport will I feel difference between the home theater amp that I'm using to a new, normal amp of guitar?
2. Is there a big difference with what I can do with a mixer and the things I can do with the Toneport?
If Yes, what will be cheaper? buying an amp or a mixer? (i'm kinda short of money :P )
3. If I buy a mixer, how goes the connection between the PC, Guitar and where the sound comes from?

Thank you very much!!