i wouldnt call that a decent guitar, i wouldnt buy it if i where you.
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the fact that its acoustic/electric and has a quilted maple top on it for that price kinda makes me think.. it must sound like crap, or its a scam
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I'd think it's ok... for the price.
$229 is likely the MSRP, and guitars generally sell a decent amount below MSRP. It makes it look like a good deal that way. Also, notice the absence of the word "solid" in reference to the woods. I'd bet it's laminate top, back, and sides, especially with the price. So unless you just need a cheap acoustic, I'd pass.
I have an Eleca. They are all right for beginners, but I would not get it if you are more advanced.
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If you don't like it, okay.
That guitar is all about flash. It doesnt have a solid top so it most likely won't sound that great. Its also very inexpensive so it most likely won't play great.

Guitars that look like this are usually trying rope in suckers who don't have much experience with acoustics.

I wouldn't buy it.
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Cool. An all laminated guitar with shoddy construction and poor electronics.

I was going to say something similar, maybe a little less bluntly but thats about right.
It made completely out of laminates so its going to sound crap. For that price quality probably won't be very high and the electronics are going to be crap. It's just dressed up to look nice.

So no, not a decent guitar and not too good to be true.