Hey, I just recorded this song yesterday. Keep in mind it has terrible sound quality, but I don't have anything to record with right now, except a ****ty tape recorder. Also, I recorded it all the way through my first try, so it's pretty sloppy at parts and there's a really noticeable mistake during the solo when another string rings out that isn't suppose to. The title of the song is taken from a 1349 song. Let me know what you think and I'll check out your songs.

hey man, theres some really nice stuff in here from about 1:30 onwards, wow. ive been playing solidly for 7 years now, and you tear me to pieces haha. tight playing, wish you had a better recording setup! i liked it man
Once I started to listen closely man this is pretty good!. I don't listen to alot of black metal but man your sweeps and fills are awesome! Get a proper recording up!
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