I got a worksheet that was due a couple weeks ago for theory class, but i still haven't done it because i don't know how. if someone could help me with the last 6 or so i would really appreciate it. a friend sort of helped me with the first 6 so i'm not sure if they're right or not.

here's the worksheet if someone could help...


I just finished the worksheet, so if someone could check and see if they were done right i would really appreciate it. i know it might be asking a lot concidering you guys have other **** to do and aren't teachers, but it would really help me.

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Hold up! Does the sheet say that o7=m7b5?
Isnt a m7b5 chord a half diminished chord? Isnt the half diminished sign an o with a line through it?
Indeed so.

Full diminished has the minor third, the diminished fifth AND the diminished seventh. It's the circle

Half diminished has a the minor third, the diminished fifth but only a minor seventh. This is the slashed circle or the m7b5.