I think there should be a faq/sticky about odering pedals and what not :/

Anyways, So i have a

Fuzz Face
Vox Wah
Danelectro Fab Distortion
Boss Sd -1 OD
Boss BF-3 flanger
Boss DD03 delay

I know the flanger and delay are last but what about the wah, od, dist and fuzz?

I really like the od before the distortion, but do I go wah first or fuzz first?
If you dont have an fx loop, i say it should go wah-> fuzz-> OD-> Distortion -> Flanger-> delay or delay-> flanger. If you do have an fx loop, put the flanger and delay in thry that.
most of the time people will run them like this.

wah-od's,dist's,fuzz-flanger-delay. thats if you were running stright to the amp input.

if you plan on useing a fx loop. id only run the delay and flanger in it.
this is how i run my pedal chain, Guitar, Crybaby wah, MXR Dyna COmp, MXR phase 90, bad monkey tube overdrive, an last metal muff nano
I know many people say to put the wah first but I like the wah best after distortion/od and that kind of effects. cause when you put it before the distortion(and with the distortion on:P) you won't get that nice 'wah' sound
EDIT: I have my effects set-up like this: Guitar -> OD -> DS -> Wah -> Multi FX(mostly used as tuner, but also for effects like chorus and delay)
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hmm i really like both sounds from having the wah first then dist, and the dist first then wah

I think i might just do

OD > Fuzz > Wah > Dist > flanger >delay