i personally don't mind 'damage' on my strat's body, but i do mind nicks/dings on the neck for some reason...

what about you guys ?

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Nope, I have a nick on my neck that doesn't bother me, and a few chips on the body (my guitar fell off my wall once), and its not a big deal. It still sounds good and it looks cooler.
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i dont care about my strat the more banged up it gets the more awesome it seems to sound
I'm still a new guitarist, my guitar was a hand-me-down from a friend. It's in pretty nice condition, but if I got something new and it got knicked in the first couple of days; I'd be kind of depressed XD.
my strat is like 5 yrs old with nicks in the body and neck but they dont bother me much... the first one does but after that its okay...
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I don't really care as long as it's not a huge one.

But yeah, if I was to order a 3 grand guitar and there's a tiny somewhere on the body I would be pissed off.
Well nicks on the neck you will be able to feel as you move your hand up and down the fretboard, no? I don't really mind but at the same time I want my guitar to be as shiny and beautiful as when I bought it.
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Hmm right I dont mind nicks and dings on the body, but i absolutely hate running my hand up the neck and coming across maybe 5 or 6 dents in the neck (this is on my old beginner strat, so no real worries).
Its annoying at times.
One of the downsides of my white LP is that the finish highlights any nicks that it gets.

It doesn't really bother me, though.
i consider them as battle scars , i just dont really care anymore, accidents happens. so mind as well live with it rather thn get pissed at yourself
Yes! In fact, I'm looking to buy a new bass. I found one that I love (Ibanez EDB400) but the only thing keeping me from getting it is the fact that it's made of basswood... therefore dents easily because it's a soft wood.
the first nicks a bit of a downer. all smooth after that though.

can't stand neck dents though.
I do. I remember when I bought my RGT42dx, the day after I took it to a jam, and it hit an amp and got chipped, on the wood by the bridge. When I got the OFR I spend money on equipment that will allow me to make the wood chip invisible, and now its really hard to see.
I've had my JS1000 for a year now. Still looks like new( except for Satrianis signature). People are amazed at the condition I keep it in.

Yeah, I hate dents.
on my jackson yes i do mind because they dont look good with nicks, but on my strat and les paul i dont mind because they look more "vintage"
i dont mind unless it beings to affect the performance of my guitar, otherwise it can look cool if its in the right place
I have a bunch of random dents and scratches in my guitar from times I've dropped it or tried playing drunk... I don't really care.
Well, when i first damaged my Ibanez DT-200 (when i had it) I was devestated.

I got over it though.

I do mind it to be totally honest but there is nothing you can do about it it really. It always happens when you least expect it.
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I had my Dean Evo XM for like 6 months, and it was in Mint condition, and I was so proud, and one day I left forward whilst sat at my desk, and the strap came off my shoulder and my Dean smashed against the edge of my desk. Of course it left a HUGE dent in the exterior of the guitar, I remember feeling sooo pissed off.

But now, I like PROTECT my Firebird haha =)
nah i beat this **** out of my guitars i play intill they beyond repair
my guitar instructor wants his prs and 3000 gibson to get nicks and ****. it's pretty nuts. my jackson rr3 would look weird. i think it only works for strats
I don't like nicks in the neck, but anywhere else doesn't bother me too much. It adds a little something to the axe's personality, I think.
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i think it shows use, so its actually a good thing as long as it doesnt affect the sound

plus my name is nick, so....
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i hate them, very much.

**** battle damage, i like a pristine axe
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My hellraiser is still in mint condition and I want to keep it that way *knocks on wood table* but my PRS SE is pretty battle tested...it actually has an inchish sized chunk out of the head stock (never figured out how it happened). I kind of like it beat up, there're little dings and scratches everywhere. I'll prob end up modding the crap out of it later down the road, throw some new pups maybe some other stuff.
I think the dents and scratches give your guitar character, Think of EVH and what his guitar is like.
I definately do my best to take care of my instruments, but if I remember, the phrase goes "s**t happens"...it applies to guitars. I've got a few chips and dings on the bodies of my Telecaster and Les Paul from various incidents. Luckily, no nicks or dings in the neck; I'm pretty sure that would fry my grits a little more than minor body damage.

Character marks and nothing more.
The general rule of ownership is: the longer you've had it, the less you give a **** about it.
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I like small nicks in the body, it makes it look cooler, unless its on the fretboard, than it drives me crazy. As long as its not affecting my playing im fine. Im sure Ill change my opinion if I ever get an expensive guitar though...
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Im not bothered as long as its only cosmetic!

Gives it character.

My words exactly!

However I dont really want my jackson to have too many knicks, but I like my RG with a few dings here and there.
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I dropped my first Epiphone LP, the day after i got it for christmas many years ago. And i cried the **** of me for month. I really hate dings on new stuff. I still play with like, rubber gloves and a big antistatic robe when i use my ESP.
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I remember stressing over belt scratches the first time I damaged the finish.

Now I think the more the better because it gives it personality (as long as the dings/scratches are from me )
I beat the **** outta my basses, so no I really don't care as long as it's fixable.
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i used to snuff out cigarettes on the front of my bass and my strat during gigs, so no not really. If I didn't want my guitars to get dinged I would hang them up and never play them.
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