Sorry if this is a stupid question or if I've posted it in the wrong place.

I've sent a couple of tabs (chords, actually) into this site. The first time, I tried putting them in square brackets. The chord names showed up properly, in blue, but the brackets stayed. The second time, I didn't use the brackets, and while my tab is still pending, it doesn't look like the letters have turned out blue.

If anyone understands what I'm asking, a simple answer would help me out greatly. Thanks.
and this moment keeps on movin'
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Alright, well I guess someone else is just as clueless as I am, then.
and this moment keeps on movin'
we were never meant to hold on.
You shouldn't have to do anything. It may be to do with saying that the piece is chords rather than a tab in the submission box but I'm not 100%.
If you write it out correctly, eg...

and I saw a reflection

     G                                   Dm
of a coward both you and I both hate very much.

And then I grabbed the knife

it should come up fine (as linked) when added to the database.
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