I have both of these, but I think it would be easier on me if I could just get one guitar that is kind of like both of these.....I have heard PRS, and I have also heard SG.....I have never played either of these, so help me out?
prs. sg does not have the tone or characteristic of either guitar, well maybe a bit of les paul. but the prs can pull out both the strat and lp tones. not to mention they're a sight for sore eye.
Yeah I have considered the strat with a humbucker, and I dont really like PRS because they cost so much.
It's a mahogany strat, so it should get you a little bit closer, although may compromise the actual strat sound. As in, it won't be as bright as if it was an alder body.
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well if you think the PRS is expensive i would agree that a HSS strat would be the thing for you
i've got a metallic blue mexican stratocaster and a fender frontman 15G amp
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Go with a carvin, thats what I did. Just as good as a PRS and about half the price.
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