of a new bridge pickup. i have a G&L American legacy, and i love the sound i get out of it, but i want a new bridge pickup. something a bit more punchy.

i was looking at either a red lace sensor pickup or a seymour duncan hot rail. any views on either/ suggestions?
Go with the duncan so you don't have to worry about doing any fancy wiring to avoid impedance mismatch that comes with mixing active and passive. Also: Dave Murray from Iron Maiden uses SD Hot Rails
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

Mod in UG's Official Gain Whores
im taking an independent study in guitar so pretty much everything.

i play primary jazz and some experimental stuff, but ill be playing metal, blues, indie, funk...

just about everything, and i want my G&L to handle most of that stuff