hey everyone, i currently have two strats, one american lonestar strat in red with tex-mex singles and a pearly gates bucker and a mexican strat in cream cs'54s. now iv been playing both of them and the neck on the mexican is a little bit narrower, which is better for my hands. but you see why would i want to keep my mexican strat if i could have an american. im new to owning a strat and all that. wat im asking is would i be able to switch their necks and if i do ill have an american strat that has stickers on it saying its a mexi cuz of the neck decals. would that make the american less valuable etc.

another option i thought of is taking the pickguard from the american(its perloid with would look sweet against the white on mexi) and swithing everything. its not like i would be ripping off the person who bought the american cuz it would have custom shop pickups.

could someone just give me thier opinion on wat i should do.
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You'd be keeping the American neck, right? You could just put the MIA neck back on if you're ever looking to sell it.
well the mexican neck feels better for my hands; they are on the smaller side.

also the mexi's bridge is wack. instead of the two posts on either side like the american it uses 6 screws which to me is stupid cuz u couldnt put a floyd rose in if i wanted to.
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i'm confused as to what you are trying to do or which one you want to keep. are you saying you want to take the MIM neck off and put it on the MIA body? And then sell the MIM body with a MIA neck?

if that is the case i would do two things (and I'm not a strat expert):

make sure that when you sell the MIM that you make it clear that it is not an entire MIA. the serial number is only really posted on the headstock so that is what most people go by. Experts will obvioulsy be able to see the diff in bridge and number of frets etc.

2.) i think this is harder than you think due to the number of frets. these necks and bodies don't necessarily interchange due to neck width and heigth. do some more research before tearing these apart or you could end up with less desireable results.

again i'm not an expert here. here are 2 web sites i've found that do a good job of showing the diff. If i'm wrong, maybe someone can call ME out.


the latter may not be completely up to date as I have Medium Jumbo frets and my HB says Fender on the bottom.

Good luck