When alternate picking between strings, i can never make a clean move to keep the motion of the sound and this is really bugging me, are there any practice methods to help me stop this, or is it just technique i need to work on?
just keep practicing. the best thing to do is to slow it down a bit and build up accuracy. then build up speed.
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Thanks guys, i'll give it a shot. I take it the same thing goes for being accurate with the fingers?

Yes. For all technique, remember this: speed is a byproduct of accuracy.
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Thanks guys, whats the appropriate BPM to start on the metronome? 60? 75?

Find the fastest tempo you play at with NO mistakes. After playing 5 times in a row, increase it 5 BPM. If you make a mistake, lower it 2 BPM; another mistake and lower it another 1, continue in that fashion. The increases should always be done in increments of about 5-8 BPM.