Alright, so at the end of the month (May 30th) my school is having an Unplugged concert. I'm going to be playing at it, but I need help choosing a song. I think it's limited to one song, though two might be allowed judging from some Youtube videos I've seen of last year's. Can you guys help me choose a song to play? I'd like to play something people will know (I'm hoping to get people to sing along), and no "Hey There Delilah."

Oh, and sorry if this is in the wrong section. This seemed like the place to put it.
The acoustic version of "Stare At the Sun" by Thrice. I think when they recorded it they added some string sections into it, but I've got a one man version by Dustin Kensrue that he did at KROQ.
Do the Rufus Wainwright version of Hallelujah, everyone likes that. Just play the piano arpeggios on guitar, or the chords if you like.
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Do an acoustic version of Imagine by John Lennon, I did at my schools acoustic gig, it went great!
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an acoustic version of paint it black-Rolling Stones
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Is it only you playing solo or will there be some druming and bass etc?

It's just me.

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Tenacious D - **** Her Gently

Oh how I wish. XD Some people actually did Tribute last year and everyone loved it.
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That or you should get a mate to play with you and arrange an acoustic version of Lets Get Ready To Rhumble by Ant and Dec.

If you're in britland it'd go down a storm.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
if it were me i would do an acoustic cover of "Simple Man" like shinedown did
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