I have a randall rh200sc head, and i noticed that on my clean channel it buzzes really bad with lower notes, ive changed everything, cords, guitars, speaker cabs, nothing works any help? It might be happening on my dist channel to but not noticable due to the dist.

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i had a similar problem with my Randall, sometimes to the extent where my clean channel would sound almost distorted. I used to think i had tore part of a speaker cone, but as it turns out, a good part of the problem was that the low power supply in my band's rehearsal garage wasn't enough to power the head properly, and as im sure u know, if the head suffers, the cabinet will suffer :P we moved to a new garage where the supply was higher and that problem stopped occuring (ive got other problems with the amp now, but who doesnt huh :P ) try maybe moving the amp to another location where the power supply is steady, i would suggest acquiring a multi-meter or at least a voltmeter (they're quite cheap) and testing the power supply at your amp location. also, if your amp is in a place where humidity levels are high, the cab speakers may absorb some excess moisture and undergo an excersion, so a dehumidifier would also be suggested. hope this helps