Poll: How do you sit with your electric guitar?
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View poll results: How do you sit with your electric guitar?
1. option
8 80%
2. option
2 20%
Voters: 10.
1. like this:

2. or like this:

I prefer the second one.
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okay, guy.


EDIT: Goddammit, I already reported you!

and now you changed the pics!

I hope i don't get warned for a false alarm

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They are both the same picture. I prefer neither.

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okay, guy.


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i hav a flying V so i sit raised with my left leg in the gap of the V shape, im left handed btw.
-No, the second one has the guitar rested in between his legs.

-There's no "both" option. I switch off.

-TS, learn so spell.

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if im playing classical guitar then the second one, but if i play electric i sit like the first, but without the foot stand.
The 2nd one. Theyre not the same.. the 2nd is between the legs. It's also IMPOSSIBLE to play a ****ing flying V in the first position.