Here's something I've never come across before, I had a Seymour Duncan '59/JB combo installed in my Epiphone Explorer a few months ago and it sounds really great, but there's always been this very hollow buzzing sort of sound that I could only hear of I was playing without an amp. The other day I decided to figure out where it was coming from and I found that if I put my finger on top of one of the screws which adjusts the height of my neck pickup, the vibrating would stop and the sound coming out of my guitar (not from the amp, if I'm playing it acoustically) actually gets louder.

I put a piece of tape over that screw for now since I figure I can't tighten it (it just raises/lowers the pickup) but I'm wondering if anyone's had this issue and how they resolved it.
I would say try new screws or pickup rings. This was happening on my dean but when i lowered the pickup a bit it stopped
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possibly a gorund wire has come loose.
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Alright thanks when I get tired of the unsightly tape fix I'll try messing with it a bit more.
Quote by buzzcut
possibly a gorund wire has come loose.

I think it's a physical problem, not electrical. This is happening when the guitar is unplugged, if I read the original post correctly.
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