is it damaging to your guitar to leave your strings off for several days? i know it can affect the neck and the truss rod, but is it permanent or is it reversible with a professional set up?
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On truss-less guitars it can be a problem, but since most electrics have truss rods, it's not much of an issue really.

It'll probably need a full setup and adjustment when it's restringed, though. No guarantee's for super-cheapie guitars, though.
It's supposed to mess with the setup, but I've left mine off for a few days before and it didn't make any difference, mine's not the most expensive either.
wow... changing tension is not good for the wood.. any drastic changes to the wood (temperature, humidity, TENSION!!!) even if it does nothing at first will damage the neck on the long run if you do it a lot.
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Leaving guitars stringless is not harmful

anything that states otherwise is a myth

think about

when guitars are assembled, its a lengthy process...

they aren't strung until the end of the process.

and they come out of the factory just fine.

but they are built to have strings eventually and built with the assumption that they will always have strings on them.

true - it may be a myth.

if i had a guitar laying around that i knew i wasn't going to play for several years would i take the stings out to 'give the neck a break' or would i leave them in?

i say leave 'em in.

If you leave the strings off for a short time, you'll be okay. Anything that lasts too long (at least a month or so) and you'll risk damage.