What does everyone use?
Whats the major difference in thickness?
Why do I seem to always get buzz when using Ernies? I hate them now lol.
I normaly use medium slinkys.
and sometimes i push the boat out and get a pack of skull strings.

I dunno why they buzz, but i get it and just ignore it because im scared of the fact i have a **** axe xD haha
Get your guitar professionally set up and you won't have a buzzing problem anymore.
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I use ernie ball super slinkys. I use to use DR's but i like the slinkys more i still use DR on my acoustic though and yeah get your guitar set up. and speaking of that where can you get your guitar set up at? guitar center? is there a price for them to do it?
d'addario regular 10s for me. My guitar came with 10s, so that's what I stuck with.
i live in england.
i bought my tempest custom at xmas.
do i need it professionally set up?

how much will it cost?
i had GHS stock on my esp and they lasted almost a year XD no rust or nothin. high e snapped recently and i changed to elixir 010s and they rock

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