Woho, whaddaya think?? We did this after something we saw yesterday at the disco :O !

So what do you think of it? C4C!


Freaky old bastard

He was six feet tall,
Watching by the wall,
He wore his old jacket
While he gently grabbed his package

Watching from the shadows
As the predator gazes his prey
He intended an attack
Mainly because of crack

You’ve got no excuse
You’ve blown our fuse
Freaky old bastard
Freaky old bastard!

He deserved a faceplant
Or at least a nasty prank
Eye for Eye, tooth for tooth
Naaranana Nana Smooth

He proceeded with his plan,
His devilish intentions, crystal clear,
He had meticulously foreseen it
But he had widely miscalculated

He's got no excuse
He's blown our fuse
Freaky old bastard
Freaky old bastard!

Cause you are gonna burn tonight
You just got into a fight
Once in, you can’t get out
We leave no space for runaway

Its very childish but the flow is good . Some lines are totally immature . just explore ur ideas more.
Not wuite sure what to think about this, it has ood passages, and then it has pure immaturity... It's filled with ups and downs
Objectively it's good. I don't think any deeper meaning was put into it, though you could argue the creepy old man is a microcosm of society. He reminds me of a guy you'd see on "To Catch a Predator"
Go for a deeper meaning next time. It'll have better artistic flow