I downloaded the demo addictive drums, and it installed and all , except there isn't like a .exe file where i can acctually use the program, and the same thing happened with ez drummer, all the sounds and **** were there, but not the file where you acctually open the program, so problems might be that i only have stock soundcard(from the motherboard or w/e) and yeh, vst or midi **** i have no clue about, help anyone?
Is there an image file (like a bin or iso) there?

If there is, mount that onto something like Daemon Tools, and you're good.
Ahh ok, well EZ drummer is an .iso file that i got, but i mean the demo of addictive drums was off the internet, i don't know if it'd be an .iso, ithink it'd be a rar , woulnd't it? and what do you mean by mount that onto daemon tools( i got daemon tools ) ..
If it shows up on your Windows Toolbar, right click the icon, select the drive, hit Mount Image, and select the .iso file.

i think it's my comp, the addictive drums is a .rar .. dont know what it could be thats not making it load though.
Oh, acctually , i opened it after it downloaded, was i supposed to extract or something?
lol yeah extract it from the file, should work now.
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Oh, I misread that as addictive drugs problem.
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