My mate is selling his Ibanez RGT6EX out of need for a new car (and a POD) so he's asked me to advertise it here. It has the following features:

-Wizard thru-neck
-Mahogany body
-24 frets
-Rosewood fretboard
-EMG81/85 active set
-Edge III tremolo bridge
-Offset dot markers
-Metallic black finish with matching neck and headstock

Only a year or two old, good condition, minor scratch on the back, Edge III still working. When he bought it, it was one of only 47 in the world. The new ones have a basswood body in place of the mahogany.

Please understand:
a) I am not the seller. I'll pass on any questions here, but he's the owner. Best to email him directly.
b) This guitar can ONLY go out to the UK.

Asking price is £450.

Email him at the_root_of_all_evil@live.com. Use 'Ibanez RGT' in the subject, please.

Hope someone gets this great guitar!

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