Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of u think that if I get the DigiTech-Death Metal Pedal, it will sound good with a crate 20w old style amp?
I do not want to waste my money so plz help and respond

Thx In Advance
The Death Metal pedal is notorious for a loud buzz/hiss/annoying noise when almost any of the knobs are turned up.

I think it one of Digitechs cheapest models for a reason. If you are bent on getting a digitech, the DF-7 would give you everything you need.

I DON'T recommend them though.... (give me kudos)

EDIT: Take a look at the Boss MT-2
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dude, about 3 months ago, i one of those for 30 bucks.....when you turn it on, it makes a bunch of static, and plus, unless your playing cannible corpse or slipknot or something REALLY heavy, its going to be to heavy 4 u, i play classic rock stuff, so i gave it to a metal friend......

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i got a death metal pedal and used it with a micro cube and a rage 158 and i hate it, unless u got a tube amp dont get it.
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