The rock element is still there,

but, there is some sentiment to it.

I recorded all of these parts by myself.

"Find Us Heaven"

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crit for crit!
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I'm going to crit as I listen.

I like the chord progressions you have there. I think the guitar tone sounds a tad bit weak; but it could be the lack of bass in my crappy headphones. One thing I've found helps make things sound a bit fuller is to add a bit of acoustic guitar. Even if it's not really heard that much, it really helps fill things out. The solo is really cool, it really helps bring it back to the chorus. I like the lyrics a lot. I also thought the drums were recorded really well. I like that buildup before the chorus.

This sounds like a fun song to play in front of a crowd. I'll bet that'd be one to get them on their feet. Cool stuff man. Thanks for the crit too.
Great recording quality first of all. Although I gotta say that the MP3 itself was a tad to quiet. I have my volume all the way up and it's still less then what I consider half volume with normal MP3's. Like said before, the drums were recorded flawlessly. The guitar and vocals were also done exceptionally well.

The guitar tone sounded a little bit thin, but nothing major. Also the singing seemed a little off in a couple places. But otherwise the vocalist did a beautiful job.

Overall a very nice song, I can imagine hearing this on an album. Thanks for critting mine. Keep up the great work.
The Pit. The Movie.
1st of all, thanks for the crit!!

Very Very Very nice dood!! I really dig your voice more than anything. You have a tone and a raspiness to it that is unique. It reminds me of Elvis Costello in places and it's a lot of fun to listen to. Your rhythm is very simple but catchy. They say the best stuff is the simple stuff, and they're right!! The only real problem I have with the song is the background vocals. They sound good, but should be turned up a bit. I think that would make the song way more powerful and will make the chorus have more meaning. One more thing...your solo is F****** awesome!! Loved it!!

Great job dood!!