Here we have a couple of items for sale, starting with...

ART TUBE MP Project Series Preamp for microphone or instrument

Modded GCB-95 Crybaby, not sure what has been modded, I received it in a trade.

Boss CS3 Compression Sustainer

Medium Tension Gripmaster with Ruff Rider Callus Builder

Metal Method Complete Course

INF3 And INF4 Ibanez Pickups

Shure PG48 Microphone

And that is it, there is no set price on this items... make me a reasonable offer.
if you are interested in something contact me at contry_contry at hotmail dot com I prefer to use e-mail than UG's messaging system.

I'm not really looking to trade any of this but go ahead and make me an offer for something, most likely I won't need it but there are cases where something that I like pops out.

Oh I'm looking for a PS2 with guitar hero (any of the versions) and guitar

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are you in uk, or offer uk shipping?
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I'm sorry I forgot to write that I'm in the US but if you pay the shipping for anything that you want I don't see why not.
I received it in a trade about 2 months ago from Used666 I just wanted one to play around with since I don't really use any effects, and that's it... I just used it 2 or 3 times.

He told me that it was modded, I forgot to ask him what was modded. I didn't really care that it was modded I just wanted a wah to play around with it.

Or did you want a price?

Edit: I tought you were the same person from the second post... you guys have the same avatar
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price for the compression pedal?

Does $50 sounds good? They go for $90 new... well $89 and since it is used I think $50 is a fair price

I'll give you both the wah and compression for $95

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Trade the INF3 And INF4 Ibanez Pickups for anything in my thread?

I'm sorry but there is not anything that I would use, Thanks anyway
$50 shipped? if so i may be interested, I'll get back to you sometime in the next day on it.
Hey thanks for the offer but all the distortion I use comes from my amp.
price for gripmaster and callos builder to uk incl shipping?
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The boss compressor, wah,mic and preamp are on hold for a possible trade

Do you think it is worth to ship something of that value to the UK? give me $9 plus shipping, I just checked the shipping and it is $24 so $33 total. I think it would be better to shop in the UK but if you want it let me know
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Thread closed, I need this money for an emergency and will have to sell everything locally.

None of this is for sale anymore