Hey, just lookin for some stuff to look for... I was playin earlier...and for whatever reason seems like my amp (Peavey VK100 w/ 4X12 cab), would like "power down" lol....i mean i was playin a song with pretty heavy distortion and outta no where the amp turned way down like someone turned it down, maybe my house is haunted and they dont like metal, haha jk...but anyhow...along with the drop in volume, sometimes itd make staticy sounds and a fuzz in the speakers. I also have 5 pedals in route to amp, TU-2 tuner, to a Line 6 uber metal, to a Boss ML-2, to a boss chorus pedal to a dig delay, to amp. Since its only happened this one time, if it continues to be a problem should i isolate each pedal, ie one hooked up at a time and play to see if it does it...or is that just a waste of time, and its something like a bad solder connection somewhere, possibly in guitar (volume knob on guitar has sometimes made a crackling sound in my speakers when i turn it?!!? lol.) Or could amp be toast...amps only 9-10month old and rarely cranked, and its never smelled like it was burning. Guess i just would like to know a most LIKELY cause so i dont waste a lot of time changin stuff around aimlessly. thanks.