For the american standard guitar series by fender I was looking at both the single coil and HSS versions of the stratocaster. I play mostly classic rock and alternative, but I want my strat to be able to play some blues, jazz, metal and some shred as well. Strats have always been my favorite guitars, and these american standard ones look amazing. So, seeing by my personal tastes, which of these strats would be the best for me? Thanks for the help.
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I would go for the single coil standard.

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SSS would definitly be in ur best interest i think woo strat power
i've got a metallic blue mexican stratocaster and a fender frontman 15G amp
ok - i'll go against the grain.


most blues and jazz stuff can be had with the neck and mid SS coils, but it is nice to have a richer full sounding HB. With that i will also say that the stock HB is not that great but pretty easy to swap out. I'm on my 3rd HB pup already. Also worth noting that i usually play in upper pups anyway, i just like the diversity the HSS provides.

Get the HSS. Swap out the HB for a good SD or something, then coil tap it, for your single coil sound.
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Get the HSS. Swap out the HB for a good SD or something, then coil tap it, for your single coil sound.

ooooo this guy's smart

its up to you friend. when i had my strat i nearly always used my neck pup.
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I have 2 HB in my strat, I love the sound I get from it. Its a strat, so I still have a strat sound, its just beefier with the HB's. Mixing the middle SC and the neck HB I get the best cleans I have heard in person.

Go for it.
I would always pick a SSS strat, but in your case, it may be a better idea to get a HSS config.
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I would say, If you want good metal tones and good really good cleans, your probably going to want the HSS set up. I have a mexican fender and i got active emgs put in. the S/S/81 combo and it has awesome tone. I guess its really all about your own taste. Dont buy it till you try it.
well, my first strat is a MIA SSS, and my second (recently aquired) is a deluxe MIA HSS, so i think i am in a good position to pass an opinion.

personally i never used the bridge pup alone on the SSS strat, its just too thin. in combination with the middle pup OK, nice clean tone. the humbucker at the bridge gives a much fuller tone than the single coil, so it can be used alone. in combination with the mid pup only one of the humbucker coils is switched in, so its a similar tone to the SSS.

hope thats clear. in short, you can get all the tones on a HSS that you can get on an SSS apart from the bridge alone, which is crap anyway.

if you do go HSS then its worth getting the S1 switching option for a larger variety of tones as well.
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Quote by ninja23
Get the HSS. Swap out the HB for a good SD or something, then coil tap it, for your single coil sound.


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i'm just curious as to why you bumped - did you not get some good answers?

where is your head at right now on your decision?

just asking

personally if you want to do blues, jazz, metal and shred then HSS is the way to go imo...and think in the Am MIA version you get S-1 switching to boot (which I would love to have). I think there is like 10 different configs with S1 switching if you count parallel and in-series pups. you would have it all. some people could probably really use HSS but don't like the looks of it - which i respect. hell - i think HSS looks killer.

Are you talking about the new American Standards? I played one, and it was the best guitar I have ever laid my hands on. It felt so perfect for me.

But anyways. I've never played an American HSS, but the humbucker on my Mexican strat sounds downright awful, and I never use it. I'm sure the American HSS would be different, but the single coil in the bridge is way better.
I would say SSS; I have one and it's excellent. I play alot of what you do and it works fine.

Seriously, you won't regret getting this if you do. If you aren't satisfied, just swap the pickups.