Dark/Extreme Progressive Metal, and fucking great if you ask me. Epic too.


I scared to say anything extreme (seeing as how I just discovered them) but this band could easily become one of my favorites. Just read this line from their myspace page.

"Fans of My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia and Opeth usually appreciate their music."


Seems worth a listen, Porcupine Tree, Jeff Buckley, Nevermore and Muse are on the Top Friends. I love their influences. Opinion in a bit...

Listening to a view of the end right now, I like it! The vocals kinda remind me of Arcturus, good stuff.
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Cool, this is good. If I had to use one word to describe the first song, it would be bright.

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i just remembered these guys
the riffage really reminds me of Opeth, but it can also be really dark and black metalish
Thanks, if you didn't make the thread, and for him to bump it..I would've never found this astounding band.
There is undeniable beauty in this music, I think I could see myself falling for this band as well.
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I... I think I'm falling... for this band.

But...you...posted the thread

Great fucking band, as well.
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