I bought these tickets over the Internet for £30 - £15 each - only to remember that the date of the concert (Sun 15th June) is Father's Day, and my Dad had already made plans.

They do not grant access to the exhibition - just the Joe Satriani concert at 12.00 on Sun 15th June. It's all at the ExCeL Centre in London.

There are only 3000 of these tickets in total, and getting them at 33% off is a bonus imo.

They're both up for grabs for £7 each, including P&P to any UK address.

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Take your dad to see Satriani... He hates him or something?
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He doesn't have the widest of musical tastes, and Satriani is definitely outside of them.
Aww, that's a shame... Well GL selling.
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What do people usually do after they **** their sisters?
I was gonna buy ticks for Saturday because the line up looks better (Satch on Sunday though ), but I'll see if my friend would rather go on Sunday and get back to you.
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Ah that sucks, Iv wanted to see him for ages but I have an exam on the 16th and 17th =(

Oh well, have a bump at least lol.
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I nearly went to see him here in Prague yesterday, but Metallica was on the same day and I'm sorry Satriani but Metallica are so epic...
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Whereabouts in london is the excel center?
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Okay, just so that you're aware of my interest, I'm just waiting for confirmation that I've got someone who wants the other ticket and I'll be able to take these off your hand and give you some money, so don't panic too much yet!