Has anyone here played the new Gibson ES339? I love 335s but they are just so big! I am quite intrigued by the 339 because I have been told they are almost as small as a Les Paul! I am very small in stature and I look like an idiott playing a full sized 335 but I love that tone......

You don't need a different guitar.
You just need a different guitar pick!

i still haven't played one
but i've been looking to since i heard about them
i'm just as intrigued as you are
I want Super Saiyan abilities

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The reviews aren't great from what I've read.
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i friggin love the 335. theyre perfect in my opinion. and just right in size, im like 6 feet though so thats probably why

but yes, the 339 would be a cool thing to try out
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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