Hello everybody!
My main instrument is electric guitar but I also want to start playing keyboard. I've heard that, practising keyboard may slow your guitar playing down. What do you think about this? Is there anybody who experienced such a thing before or knows something about solo guitar players' keyboard/piano practices?
I play both but mainly guitar. I don't feel that it slows me down and don't see why it would. Just as long as you keep practicing guitar too if you're gonna play keys
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i don't religously practice keyboard, but i have one.
i honestly cant do crap on it but chords, but if your learning music theory, a keyboard is pivotal.
it makes things so much easier. i think its a must for every musician, as the piano is built around theory/scales, opposed to a guitar, which is built to mimic a singing voice.
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I do both and it has helped me a lot. Tony Macalpine and Eddie Van Halen weren't hurt by it either.
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