Hi im kinda new to guitar. Well... I'm not new to playing with just my thumb but I am a total noob when it comes to using a pick (fyi i can strum all the strings easy but I am talking more about playing lead). Basically i will be switching from thumb to pick). I want to ask you guys for tips and advice that were helpful to you when you first learned and i have one question i would like to specifically ask, " Where do you put your right hand for support? Do you make your hand float above the strings or do you rest it on the bridge, or what? That issue stumps me.
i rest my hand on the bridge that lets me attack the strings and still muffle the ones i dont want played, as for your picking style everyone has a diffrent style. my style depends on what song and style of music i happen to be playing at the time. so just try it out and what ever works the best for you go with that and once you master that you can play around with diffrent things. dont forget about finger picking that is an important tool in your playing as well. good luck.
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i let my arm come across the top slightly, with my palm resting lightly on the bridge, and i move it up and down vertically depending what strings i am playing.
pick with your wrist, not your arm.

i try to mimic paul gilbert's right hand picking.
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i rest my hand on the bridge,
for picking, i use alternate picking, (picking up and down), works well, every1 uses it
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i rest my hand on the bridge,
for picking, i use alternate picking, (picking up and down), works well, every1 uses it

this is, for the most part, untrue.

it depends almost entirely on the music you play. for metal/hard rock, down picking is mostly preferred because it sounds more fluid and consistant. if i need speed then i will alternate pick.

i place my right on the bridge mostly because it builds muscle memory. that way you can skip strings without any trouble at all ect.

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ok so its just like you are palm muting only your hand is more towards the bridge so that it sounds normal
Start alt picking right away. I made a big mistake of only using downstrokes since last may, when i started playing, and only started alt picking about a month ago. Its a bitch. So, save yourself the frustrating and start today!
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