Hey, I have 800 dollars, and i need some opinions about this situation. There is a used Vox AC30 at GC, and also a gibson Sg classic. Right now my amp is a bogner uberschall and my guitar is a fender jaguar HH. I love the vox cleans, as well as the gibson P90 pickups and style. I play experimental rock. what would you do?
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does the vox have the normal speakers or the alnico blues?
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well personally i would get the amp because i know it, (don't know the bogner)
but it all depends
if you'd replace the jaguar, could you get money back?
or would you keep both
and if you like the tones you get from you're amp keep it
its all up too you on this one
which one do you like more, you're amp or you're guitar lol
sorry for babbling lol
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I'm sure he knows that bogners are fantastic, guys, but it doesn't have Vox AC30 cleans.

In your situation, If i were equally happy with my guitar and amp, i would probably take the amp in that specific situation, but this is a decision that you have to make, lol.
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