Hi all, just wanted to share some of my recordings. I arrange video game music for solo classical guitar and, if you see one you like, no worries, I also link to my tabs in the video info as well. I hope you find something you might enjoy.

Awesome stuff man! I love when people do video games covers on guitar
You should check "600 A.C" from Chrono Trigger. Great stuff.
I just checked the Tetris C theme and I say that it's amazing. You're a very good player. And the arrangements are amazing.

Mind to check my cover of Neon Genesis Evangelion's battle theme ?

Those are some great arrangements, I love the Wind Waker theme. You should do the earlier Overworld Theme, you don't see enough of those played acoustically. Usually it's just heavily distorted guitars playing on the upper register of their instrument.
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You're awesome, but you already knew that. Thanks for sharing!

Your Canon sounded great man. How long you been at the guitar?
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