I've been wanting to do a horror short film for a really long time. Obviously, I won't have the funds to make it complex in terms of make-up, props, location, gore, etc., as well as stuck with a run of the mill digital handheld camera. However, that was the way I had originally want to do one of the ideas I had (I thought of it waaaaay before Cloverfield, somewhat influenced by Blair Witch). I'll share my couple of ideas, but then I'd like you, The Pit, to help me out and brainstorm for some more. Anyway, here are the "ideas", I'll give plot overviews if I've gotten that far, then notes on the details (let me know if any have been done before, though):

A man goes to an unassuming house with an unassuming (perhaps elderly) female owner to purchase a mysterious item. He is told to wait as she goes to get this item, telling him she'll be "just down the hall, to the left". He agrees and begins looking around at photographs and trinkets on her walls/shelves, first finding humourous things and loudly saying semi-funny, semi-insulting, but light-hearted quips, and the lady does not answer. Gradually, he begins to see very disturbing things in the pictures and the items. Now anxious, he glances at his watch, and notices it has been nearly 10 minutes. He begins calling for the lady, but there is no answer. He goes "down thehall, to the left", and finds the old woman brutally murdered on the floor, the room ransacked. He realizes the killer must still be around, that the woman was killed for said item, and that he is in danger. That's all I've got on that one.

He pressed for time, and is in a very remote location. The age of the woman doesn't matter, as long as she is unassuming, you know. The object is very powerful or has a very deeper, darker purpose that the man had thought. The woman is very frantic and anxious, perhaps foresseeing her danger. He doesn'tneed to be waiting exactly ten minutes, but long enough to illustrate the point of how recently she was killed without taking too long. He needs to find the room immediately, like with the other doors jammed or something, without being unbelievable.

Okay, 2:
A man is found at the scene of a grisly mass murder, hiding bloodied in a closet and is arrested for the crimes. He turns out to be an ex-con, jailed for murder and had just been released from prison. We find that the victims are all his close friends, and follow his interrogations, pleas of innocence, his claims he was framed, and his conviction and sentence to prison. However, the judge proclaims that there is insubstantial evidence of his guilt, and regrettably sentences his to 10 years. 10 years later, he is released, and is as happy as ever to return home to his family. He arrives at his family's new residence, then checks the letters they sent him to confirm the address. Wanting to surprise them, he lets himself in the back door. To his shock, his entire family is brutally murdered, in the same fashion as his friends, realizing that the real killer is still out there. The murders are very recent, however, as he hears an engine rev outside. He runs to investigate, and finds that the killer has stolen his car. Filled with anger, he sets off to avenge his family and show the killer he hasn't lost his "touch".

That one's pretty straight-forward, and I just need to flesh out the details, and the "hunt".

3: (Very loose)
This one's the one I've had in my head longest, and the one with the leats amount of detail. It's like other handheld camera horror flicks in the sense it is in POV of the cameraman, but more like Blair Witch in that, though you see the "threat", you do not see it directly (i.e. as a shadow, noise, etc.).

Anyway, basically a group of people arrive at a friend's house, with the intention of a surprise party, a prank, I haven't been able to nail it yet. This is the thing that I've had stuck in my head, though: They get out of the car. The guy with the camera says "huh, that's funny, you'd think he'd at leats close the door and pretend he wasn't expecting us" in reaction to only one of the downstairs lights being on, and the door wide open. He then says, "he, could someone grab the camera for a sec? I think I dropped something". Some one obliges, grabs the camera, and puts the camera on the roof of the car (the camera is still on). The camera is facing the front of the house. We barely see the open door to the far left in frame, with most of the focus being on a large picture window in the front of the house, the aforemention low/lone light on in the room, perhaps 20 feet from the window. As the people fumble about for their things, a dark figure darts semi-quickly past the window, illuminated/backlit by the sole light (quickly enough to be jumpy/ominous, but slow enough that we can see it fairly cleearly and make out that it's trouble). Anyway, they enter the house, can't find the guy. Like idea 1, they find the guy brutally murdered in a very creative way which I haven't thought of, then they freak out as the breakers are turned off. One was separated from the group (of about 5 people, maybe a couple less) before, to get something out of the car, and they hear him scream from fairly close. They all freak out and try to survive the night.

Well, I hate for this to be a wall of text, but this is my last thing. Okay, so I've had trouble coming up with ideas. I would enjoy if people would hold the "I cum blood"s, "lul wut?"s, and unconstructive spam for a bit.

The basic idea I've wanted to flesh out is that great horror movies attack people's securities. That is, ideas we hold close, associate with happiness, and generally hold dearly turned into something sinister, basically have that image ripped to shreds scares the **** out of people. If you can't think of anything to add to the existing ideas, or even if you can, please help me thinking of "securities" to "attack", preferably with some sort of idea.

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i think #2 has a little more thought into it.
for fans of...

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make the main character have a friend who is really really stupid, that u want to yell through the screen at, and make sure the friend gets them killed or near the monster. everyone will be pissed at the movie, but uno what, any publicity is good publicity. look at A7X, i mean, i would have never listened to those guys, but people said the guitar playing was sloppy, so i said "hmmm let me seeeee". and uno when someone says "hey dude smell this, it stinks". ya thats right, u just smelt it.

that way it will make money for sure.
Well, I know they're predictable, at least archetypal, but that's the point right now. I want to make them mine.

Okay, summary:

1: Guy goes to buy something illegal/dangerous at an old woman's house. She goes to get it, he looks around. He starts finding disturbing things. He notices the woman had been gone for a little under 10 minutes, goes to check on her, he's short on time. He finds her brutally murdered, the room she's in ransacked, and realizes he's in deep **** with the killer very close by.

2: Ex-murder framed for murder of his friends at a party. He is put in jail for 10 years due to insubstantial evidence on his guilt. He gets out, very excited, goes to see his family. Finds his family burtally murdered like his friends, the killer escapes in the main character's car, man must not hunt him down and use his old murdering ways to get revenge.

3: Group of people (small) go to someone's house for a surprise party. They see the door is wide open, one light on. As they get out of the car, one person puts the camera on the roof of the car, lens facing the house. The door is kind of visible, and there is a large picture window in the front of the house, with a single light on behind it. Suddenly, we see an ominous figure pass between the light and the window quickly, but the party doesn't notice. They go inside, find their friend dead, one of them (who went back to get something out of the car) dies, and they try to survive the night.

Maybe the third would be good if they slowly found out about the threat, like it was stalking them for a while, but no action really takes place directly in front of the camera.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I don't really want to market this thing, but if it's good enough, I want to put it in next years student film thing at my school, since all the other ones will suck harsh balls (especially like this years...).
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The last one is definitely the best. If you're going low-budget, you're not going to be able to afford a realistic-looking murder scene, so creepy is the best way to go.
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Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I really only like the ominous kind of feel that is present in a lot of J-Horror (uh, you know, from Japan?), and think things are MUCH scarier if the atmosphere is right and it is just "creepy".

Any thoughts regarding people's securities? I've come to find that what makes something scary is when someone's securities are attacked. What I mean by securities is something pure that people hold dear, like something fun, something happy, something comforting, and then defiling it and making it seem very unsafe (rough example: Jaws attacked people's love for the beach/ocean. Bad example: Black Christmas, Good example: The Strangers, though mostly people doing inasane things with no explanation./motive).

Thanks again.
I was an Internet Witness in the mike.h Murder Case.
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this man is right. everything he says is right. so, stop killing people and get therapy ffs