None actually. I have westerns in my head though. It's all on T.V, doesn't require any more viewings.
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the family collection includes a good 100 atleast
good movies too
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Me playing
Lol, 7.

Spinal Tap
Edward Scissorhands
Blair Witch Project
Donnie Darko
and Across the Universe

Every movie is already on the internetz, why would I need to buy them?
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
Infinity spirals out creation.

Peoples DVD collections get stolen CONSTANTLY. I mean you keep it in a very central location, and you can fit a bunch in a bag. I still picture thieves with giant burlap sacks for stealing and such. With $ on the side.
I don't buy films unless I love them enough to want to watch them quite often.

But broadband lets me get dvd rips quickly for free, so my film buying has dropped quite sharply.
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Like five, lol. If I want to watch a movie I download a torrent, rent it, or watch it online.

Actually, I have a dvd player that holds 400 dvds… and that’s full, plus we’ve got another box with about 300 tapes in there…
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
about 300, not counting TV Shows, documentaries, concert DVDs and music video collections, plus I have about 5 movies on my computer at any given time which get rotated out.
make Industrial and/or experimental electronic music? Join my group!

probably 20 near 30 dvds, 95% of them burnt copies
i just either watch them at the cinemas when they are released
or i just borrow them from a friend or watch them online
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Make a pipe bomb and detonate it in your face. Then, persuade one of the ER doctors to leave some of the shrapnel in.