What is the proper way to ground a 5-way selector on a strat? I have my guitar shielded and everything else is ground to an anchor on the "chassis". I tried using the extra ring thingy on the selector and my guitar still hums in the bridge position and in the neck position when the tone is between 10 and 0. I don't think it's the ground from the pups or the pots. Anyone got some suggestions?
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If the guitar is shielded well shouldnt need a seperate ground for the switch. It would ground thru the shielding. But if they are regular single coil pickups all the shielding in the world wont overcome physics. It doesnt hum in 2 or 4 position because the middle pickup is out of phase and therefore humcancelling. You would need noiseless or stacked single coils to get rid of all the hum. You can reduce hum with shielding but not completely eliminate it.