Let's say you're casually eating CHEEZ-ITs one day, and happened to peer through the hole in the center, and saw something that appeared to be different than what was behind the CHEEZ-IT normally.

What would you do? Besides eat it, of course, and be content with the knowledge that you've just devoured an entire universe.

Soda sucks.
I ah... .... Wait, What?
"I am a remnant of the Forever Origin"

"The forest of October sleeps silent when I depart
The web of time hides my last trace
My blaze travel the last universe
Like the sights of magic
Wrapped in aeons
My mind is one with my soul"
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Stick it in the universe hole, and hope some good will.... come from it.

lol nice
Call me Jack
not eat it and show it to a scientist or something
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You know you're fucked up when the pit thinks you're a sick bastard.