There are a ton of "omg help me get rid of acne" threads so i figured i would share my newfound cure for (my) acne, because acne is, lets face it, just really really ****ty. my acne is NOT really bad, so i imagine more extreme cases require more, ect, ect. My theory is all these ****ty "cures" they sell to you on tv and elsewhere are just money making enterprises to keep you buying their ****, and so im making an effort to bring truth to the masses of UG teenagers.

things that never worked for me:

anything i bought in the store, all bull**** that did nothing
doctor proscribed stuff (maybe i didnt use it for long enough)
soap, frequent face scrubbing.

what finally worked for me:

The main thing is: drink a LOT of water. I went on a trip to spain for a week, and, for some inexplicable reason, i had no acne all week. I realized later that this was because i was constantly drinking water so as to avoid bad effects of jet lag.

So now i basically carry a water bottle around a lot and drink WATER instead of other drinks with meals. And this is the cool thing - i didnt have to wait 2 months or any of that crap, it starts working DAYS later. Obviously another important component of this is eating well - not to much junk food - but this is something ive done forever so i didnt have to change.

For existing acne and as a general face cleanser (dont use soap) mix normal, over the counter baking soda with a little water to create a paste, then spread it over your face, messaging lightly, and leave it there until it dries. Itll sting a little and make your skin dry, but it REALLY kills pimples and makes your skin pretty nice.

So thats it, i hope it works for other people, cause its a good feeling not to have to worry about acne. i understand that some have it worse than others, so i think the prescription drug route is probably needed in some cases.
You could wear a ski mask all day. That works too AND you get to look badass, or a terrorist. Whatever you want.
On the big ones, before you goto bed put a dab of toothpaste on them and overnight itll dry them out.
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The reason you didn't get any acne in France is because they don't have the shit processed food we have here in America.

edit: should say Spain, not France...
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I always just cut off any pimples I had with a hatchet.
I <3 Drugs.

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I noticed water helps, but I find it hard to constantly drink water...

there was one week where I drank like 2-3 liters every days, and my acne almost vanished.
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