I wish I could express in words
Just the way I feel for you
All I think about is you
Like how right now
I'm imagining you, a thousand miles away
Asking me if I feel for you the way you do
I keep thinking that words need to be said
But I'm too scared to say anything
I don't know why I'm the way I am
All I know is that you're somethin special to me
And I wish that you could know just the way I feel for you, but I know you don't really care
I wasted so much time thinking about you
Wasted so much gas driving by your house, takin the long way home
Hoping to see you out in your yard
Hoping that you'd flag me down and tell me those three words I long to hear
Yet, all that's happened is my gas is gone
I'm running on fumes, the dial is on empty and I'm still 10 miles from home
I ain't got a dime, so I guess I'm stuck
I wish I could have went with you when you hit the road
I know you'll be back before the week is out, but it still hurts me to miss you the way I do
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but these growing pains are killing me
I guess that I can tough it out, I weathered worse storms than this
Everyday is another thing, but through it all I love you more
And one day I know I'll make you mine, and you'll make me your's
But I guess until then I just hang on tight and just put up with this painful ride
Because I know I got a good payout waiting for me when me and you grow old together in each other's arms
I guess I have put what I feel in words
Can I get an answer from you?

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I'm a straight man, but I'd put that surfcaster right in my mouth.

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Well, life is like a penis.
Women make it hard.
Also, it's short but seems long when it gets hard.
i like it guy, i wish u were comin from a "break up" point of view tho i definately woulda asked to steal it for 1 show im doing in august where my ex will be lol im a cheesy guy haha