Hey guys, how much weight would be lost by installing a OFR on a guitar like this one? (It's about 10 lbs.) The weights not gonna bother me much, just curious I guess.

I was thinking about getting this or one in with black hardware, recessed OFR, EMG 81/85 combo, grover tuners, no pick guard, no inlays, the works pretty much. I'm asking because I may get this because I want a guitar with a floyd and I want one without, so I'm figuring I'll get an EC-1000 then get this done or get something else that's got an OFR for not too much money.

Also, just asking for opinions, which do you think would look better, black hardware on a white guitar like the one I linked to or have the same thing all blacked out with no inlays?

I'm no expert, but I think whatever weight is lost when the body is routed for the OFR, it will be negated by the weight of the OFR. They're pretty heavy.

I say that because I blocked the trem on one of my guitars the other day and took off the OFR and was surprised how much lighter the guitar was without it.