Hey pit,

So today I was riding on my friend's longboard in a local trail. So there's this steel bridge after a couple of S-curves...

I cleared the curves, but I put the bridge straight on. If anyone of you guys have seen some muy thai, yeah apparently that's exactly how I did it.

But now I hit my shin on the bridge, and there's some major swelling and a pretty gnarly 2.5 inch cut, but it's isn't too serious.

But now the wound is all dressed and stuff I noticed that my knee is kinda weird. It's not broken or anything, I can walk on it fine. But when I'm standing my knee doesn't bend very easily without pain. So my friends told me it was just from the swelling restricting my joint, but I'm thinking I may want to go to the doctor.

What do you guys think?
Its ok, UG is your doctor.
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
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Nobody here can give u good medical advice. Just go to a doctor.
< --- Mauy Thai.
and my trainer makes us kick steel, wood or whatever else he feels will make us tough mother****ers.

Suck it up and damage them some more. Longboarding is puss, do something real, go skateboarding.

edit: sorry for the br00talz but if you are on serious pain after a week i would advise seeing a doctor, in my mauy thai training a managed to splinter my shin and had to stop for 9 months. But, stay off your feet! Make sure you keep the wound clean. Let your body do its job.
Hope all goes well. GL.
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