Hey guys, i'm building a new guitar and need some help selecting some pickups (and configuration of the pickups). It's goign to be a natural wood strat (fairly light colored) with gold hardware and a perloid pg, so the pickups need to be white. I'm going for a classic rock sound, but I also play some metal, and idie stuff (good cleans would be nice too).
I haven't decided on pickup configuration either, I've played mostly on HH, but i was thinking h-s-h for this build, but again i really don't have much idea what i need to get. My budget for the pickups is somehwere around $150. I know there are a lot of preloaded pickguards for strats, so if anyone knows of a loaded pg that sounds good I'm open to that too.

I have heard pretty good stuff about the Seymour Duncan SH-5 Duncan Custom and i'm thinking about putting that in the bridge position, but that's about all i know Does anyone have this pickup, and if please let me know what you think, and also i'd like to know what color it is. I can't tell from the picture if it's true white or more of an off white?
I think that a Seymour Duncan SH-11 (TB-11, if you're using any kind of Fender-style bridge) Custom Custom would be a good fit in the bridge. That doesn't leave you for much for single coils, so maybe just drop in the some of the decent stuff at guitarfetish.com?

The Custom Custom does classic rock better than the SH-5. It's not as harsh as the SH-5, has better cleans, cleans up better with a roll of the volume knob, but can still get heavy.
Thanks, here's a diagram of the trem i'm using:

So i don't know if i need f-spaced pickups or not, i'm sure someone can enlighten me on that. But the Seymour Duncan SH-11 looks good to me, I just couldn't find the TB-11 on musiciansfriend?

So if yall could look at that bridge and tell me if what type of pickups that would be great, and then a SH-11 / TB-11 for the bridge, adn what for the neck?
Yeah, you'll need F-space, I'm fairly sure. But in any case, Seymour Duncan should have the exact string spacing measurements that require F-spaced pickups - be sure to double check.

If it's another humbucker in the neck, if you want something bright, go with an SH-1 '59 for something on the bright side of things, and an Alnico Pro II for the warm side of things.
Yeah that sounds great, i'm pretty sure that's what i'm going to do

TB-11 in the bridge
and a SH-1 '59 in the neck

Thanks for your help forsaknazrael
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