ok so i have a custom made warmoth strat
it is swamp ash body and maple neck and fretboard

currently i have these three pick ups(HSS)
neck: Seymour duncan cool rails http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/stratocaster/cutting-edge/cool_rails_for/
middle: Seymour duncan Vintage rails SVR-1
bridge: Seymour duncan JB

recently as i listened more and more to older music that is usually played on strat i fell in love with a more single coil sound. especially david gilmours sound on the pulse tour.

does anyone have some suggestions what pick ups i would replace my current ones with for a more single coil like sound? I am also looking at buying a good tube amp so recomendations for a good amp would be appreciated as well. I also have a jem that i use for some harder rock so amps like fender amps with very little distortion probably wont be the right one for me. i do have a gt 8 though so if you have any suggestions of something that would go well with that works too

thanks guys
On the pulse tour he used a strat with these pickups:

I have them and they sound amazing. You can get so many tones out of it. The only drawback is that they're active so you have to change their battery every so often.

But that's his more recent sound, I'm not sure what setup he used for the earlier Pink stuff... check out http://www.gilmourish.com/ and see what you can find
Edit: This page seems to have everything on his "black strat" which may be more of the sound that you're going for: http://www.gilmourish.com/?page_id=66
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my favorite strat sound ive ever heard was on david gilmours solo on learning to fly on the pulse cd i thought it was just the nicest sweetest twang sound and i just loved it.what wood is his body?
He used his red strat on the learning to fly solo on the pulse tour, which has the specs: - 1983 ‘57 reissue, candy apple red alder body with white pickguard, maple neck, EMG-SA active pickups (with EMG-EXG expander and SPC midrange presence controls).

So its a basic Alder Fender strat with those active EMG's I linked to before

"Each of his red Stratocasters (and the cream coloured) has low impedance active EMG-SA single coils with Alnico magnets, which he beefs up with two more tone modules: the EXG mid-cut/expander & SPC mid booster, - controlled with the tone knobs. David mainly use the EXG feature on rhythms as it helps define the notes, especially with a mild overdrive. The EXG is like a V-set EQ boosting the treble and bass. The SPC boosts the midrange producing a tone close to a humbucker. The SPC is where you really hear the Gilmour sound emerge. Turn it all the way up and you get that thick bluesy sound used on Shine On, Another Brick2 etc."

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and he probs used his big muff
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