I'm interested in staining the neck and headstock of my Fender Stratocaster a dark ebony-like color. I've utilized Project Guitar as a resource for learning how to do this. I am looking for opinions on what people think of this look.

Also, I don't have experience with staining, so do you think the process is easy enough to accomplish for someone new at this?
The Setup:
Fender Standard Stratocaster
Crate GFX-30
Vox AD50VT
Staining isn't hard to do, but, you'd be wise to practice on some scrap wood. When I say practice I mean practice everything from preparing the surface to applying whatever clear coat you plan on using. As far as opinions, it's really up to you if you like it or not. Personally, I'm more a fan of letting the natural grain of the wood be seen, but, I do like the gloss black neck and back of the body on some Les Pauls with a figured maple top. The reason why I like it is the entire back of the guitar is one color.
Staining is easy enough.. but the transition from a solid colour on the body to a trans colour on the neck... just don't work.
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