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So yeah. Ive been listening to this band as long as Mirrorthrone. Pretty much, its one dude that when he feels like writing romantic/orchestral experimental or whatever music, he will write for Mirrorthrone. When he is in a more brutal or fast paced psuedo-technical death metal mood, he will write for Weeping Birth. Amazing stuff, especially for a one man band. I have no idea how he has so many ideas.

Im surprised no one made a thread yet, the myspace profile has less than 3k views,

Weeping Birth
worst band name...........ever,but if it's the guy from Mirrorthrone then it's bound to be at least decent.
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The drums are all over the place. Good stuff, Vladmir really is a genius.

Yeah I wonder how long it took him to sit there and program the drums all meticulously lmfao.
Yea, I have the first album from WB. It's pretty good stuff, nothing compared to Mirrorthrone in my opinion. Although the new material sounds much better. And the myspace only has like 3k views because he only made it a month ago, before that he just had a main website.
I heard this a bit ago, it's really good. The only part I don't really like are the vocals but other than that it's almost as good as Mirrorthrone.

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Last time i check, MA doesnt have a release date for it so i dont think the new ones out yet.

Been giving the album a few spins at our band practices lately, hoping Vladmir's genius flows into our music
I get paid next week, so i'm planning on doing the same thing then hopefully if i have any money left over from what i take out for Wacken spending money, looking forward to hearing a full Unholy Matrimony album.
The weeping Birth myspace has a good 6-7 songs from the new album up. It might actually be the entire album streaming, but I'm too lazy to check and I don't remember. Anyway, new material owns the old material.
Just found this stuff. It pwns the souls of washerwomen.

Then The Moon Came devours j00.
'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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I just acquired Ansognostic Industry of the I..

Really great stuff

I just listened to some songs a few days ago and decided I must have some of this. Can't find a site that sells any Weeping Birth though.
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Good stuff
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I still laugh when I see 'Banned' under Magero's name

I love Weeping Birth, I prefer it to Mirrorthrone, although Gangrene is the best album I've ever heard.
^I think that may have been my fault. Anyway, Unholy Matrimony is alright, the production ruins it for me though. I seems a bit uninspired and generic. Have only heard a few songs though.
Anosognosic Industry of the I is possibly my second favorite DM album of the year (the first being Antithesis).
I bump this thread because Weeping Birth are like a swift kick in the nuts, except you love it. You LOVE the feeling and the rush you get from this kick in the nuts my love it and you know you do.
Anosognosic Industry of the I makes infants cry.

harrrrrr, see wat i did there?
i have both albums from WB, their alright. not what i'd listen to all the time but it's all good. i prefer mirrorthrone. gangrene is seriously amazing. got my mirrorthrone shirt yesterday
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